▄■▀■▄ ?Cryptergram? Telegram Game ? WIN BY ?PLAY ?INVEST ☕Trading ?

Cryptergram a new Solution to trade Options direct on telegram (you need the Telegram Messenger).
Cryptergram allows Members to Predict the Coin Prices goes up or down in 1 – 2 – 5 – 15 – 30 -60 Minutes from your entry Bet Price.

on Cryptergram Bet User vs. User. You get 70% Back when your Prediction was right. ( You Bet 1 BTC get Back 1.7 BTC)

its very awesome Solution to compensate the lower Btc price with double your amount on BTC there.

Also a nice Affiliate Program they have, 5% from every Bet Amount your referred Users do.

Then when u the winner u get 70% from User they lost , 20% get Cryptergram and 5% the Affiliates from the Users.

So take a look on it http://www.cryptergram.com