1 Year Cloud VPS Linux Hosting 30GB SSD for $25

2019 PROMO BUY 2 VPS only add $ 15 (save $ 10) VPS Server Specifications 1vCPU 1GB RAM 1GB Swap Memory 30GB SSD The advantages of our VPS server Suitable for you who don’t have time to set up an unmanaged vps server, because we have done everything for you.Capability is higher than shared hosting because this is a Private Server that is not shared or shared with other peopleIt is safer from hacker attacks because the security system has also been optimized.Prices are much cheaper than competitors, the normal price is $ 10 / month or $ 120 / yearThe server has been well optimized (php7.0, mariadb 10, swapmemory)Using Vesta as a control panel, it is much lighter than Cpanel and many other features that are not inferior to CpanelCan be sold again into a hosting package because the it has features to add users and hosting packages as we want.Can unlimited domain / website, unlimited sub domain, SSL Lets Encrypt , Mysql Unlimited Database, Unlimited Email Account. Full Controll.

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