100% anonymity with this setup? [closed]

I posted this question yesterday but wasn’t very detailed or specific so i didn’t really get a specific answer. Let’s try this again.

Let’s say my mission is to download a torrented software or sensitive document and I dont want any 3 letter agencies being able to track me, or for the isp to have much information to give in case of a warrant. Ive been putting time into thinking, what could be the most annonymous way to do this and I think I have a pretty good idea, but I’d like to know if you guys see any holes in this.

Lets asume I’m not currently a suspect. I buy a used laptop from Craigslist and pay cash. I take out the hardrive and throw it away. I’ve never used this computer to connect to my home internet.

I use that laptop at a coffee shop that doesn’t use security cameras to run tail/tor on a bootable usb and ensure the "spoof mac address" is selected. Protonmail doesn’t require another email to set it up or any personal information so I create one and leave the coffee shop.

Now I’ve found xfinity has hotspots all over the place and where I live i could easily ride my bike 5 miles to an empty field and hide behind a tree to connect using the "free 1 hour" which requires an email and that’s it. No traffic cameras along the way. I connect with tail/tor and spoof Mac address again. I dispose of the laptop.

I know this might sound like overkill 😂 my goal is to understand the best way to have the closest thing to 100% anonymity. Any holes in this? Anything I can do to be more secure?