10K Deezer streams for one song for $48

Deezer is one of the growing music platforms at the moment which pay similar to Spxtify and Apple Music. It could be your point of discovery just by receiving some traction! I highly recommend checking out the extras to ensure you get the best option! – IMPORTANT- PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING – -> Deezer pays around $ 5-6 per 1,000 unique listeners in royalties. -> you will profit out of this order. -> this will increase your popularity on the site. -> last time checked, Deezer paid 0.0056 per stream, meaning the streams purchased are an investment in your favor! (you make money back) -> the followers and plays purchased AREN’T ones from real people. They’re stat boosters. -> retention of at least 90-120s. ========================== Royalties you make from plays: 10k -> ~$ 57.5 (5days) 25k -> ~$ 144 (1week) 50k -> ~$ 288 (12days) 100k -> ~$ 576 (2weeks) 150k -> ~$ 864 (19days) 250k -> ~$ 1,440 (23days) 500k -> ~$ 2,880 (27days) 750k -> ~$ 4320 (31days) 1Mill -> ~$ 5,760 (5weeks) ========================== Keep in mind the speed at which we deliver the plays is very fast. We work quickly, and usually it’s best to split delivery between multiple tracks. The stats above are expected only if it’s 1 track receiving plays and you’ve posted more than one. *First 5 people to order will get 2.5k free streams*

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