1st Edition Lawful Good woes

I have a few questions I’m hoping more experienced players can help me with. I’ve been playing in a 1st edition D&D game for about 1.5 years now as a lawful good human Paladin. I’m not super experienced, however I was one of the more experienced players in the campaign at the start, so I chose a Paladin of Tyr thinking I would be a Robocop style knight upholding the public trust etc. (I am not a strong role player, I don’t have the strongest social skills to begin with and they get worse in a group setting, I’m more of a strategic thinker and good at problem solving).

However, pretty much every other player that became a regular ended up being some flavor of neutral, even a few chaotic neutral. So, the game goes very much like one might imagine. Other players do as they like, for the most part, and I am usually hamstrung by the DM in my actions, and the other players refer to me as the stick in the mud etc. So, I get it from both ends.

Last session I really came to a point of genuinely not knowing how to role play my character. We were in a fight and the chaotic neutral Wizard fireballed me and a monster, even after the DM reminded her it would damage me. I made my saving throw and took half damage, had I not made the save I would have almost died. She claimed she didn’t know I would take full damage (I believe her) and healed me for the hp I lost. Internally, I was fighting the urge to charge her character. But, of course I didn’t, both because that’s probably an overreaction and of course it’s not lawful good to do that. I felt like this attack deserved some kind of response, but I couldn’t think of anything that fit my alignment and I just sort of moved on, not even knowing how my character would react.

My issue is, that this player does stuff like this all the time and seems to never face consequences. Tyr is all about justice, but I don’t even know what I would do to dispense justice in this case, or if it’s even warranted. And of course I was referred to as a huffy puffy Paladin for not just moving on immediately and even contemplating some kind of role playing response.

I’m close to just changing my alignment and becoming a vanilla fighter, so I can knock the dumbass Wizard out when they do stupid shit…I dunno. If anyone has any good reads on role playing and handling situations like this or has any thoughts, let me know. I would super appreciate it!