Custom user role not working as expected

I’ve defined a custom user role in functions.php called “Dashboard Admin” with the capabilities defined below. The site has a number of custom post types- all with capability post– and I’d basically like to lock down this role’s capabilities to only creating/editing/deleting posts (of any type), and not pages, managing categories or any other higher level admin tasks. For some reason, using the array below, when logging in as this user type one can only create new posts and “Submit for review” and not open or edit any existing posts of any post type- what am I missing here? Thanks in advance!

$  result = add_role(     'dashboard_admin',     __( 'Dashboard Admin' ),     array(         'read'                   => true,         'publish_posts'          => true,         'edit_posts'             => true,         'edit_others_posts'      => true,         'edit_published_posts'   => true,         'delete_posts'           => true,         'delete_others_posts'    => true,         'delete_published_posts' => true,         'read_private_posts'     => true,         'edit_private_posts'     => true,         'delete_private_posts'   => true,         'upload_files'           => true,         'publish_pages'          => false,         'edit_pages'             => false,         'edit_others_pages'      => false,         'delete_pages'           => false,         'delete_published_pages' => false,         'delete_others_pages'    => false,         'manage_categories'      => false,         'install_plugins'        => false,         'activate_plugins'       => false,         'update_plugins'         => false,         'edit_plugins'           => false,         'delete_plugins'         => false,         'edit_dashboard'         => false,         'switch_themes'          => false,         'edit_theme_options'     => false,         'create_users'           => false,         'list_users'             => false,         'edit_users'             => false,         'delete_users'           => false,         'promote_users'          => false,         'remove_users'           => false,         'customize'              => false,         'manage_options'         => false,         'delete_site'            => false,         'import'                 => false,         'export'                 => false,     ) ); 

Social Media Optimization

Now SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the best way to increase the traffic on your website. Use the some social high reputed sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin etc. If you want to get more traffic on your website then you should use the Link building with unique and attractive content.

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GSA SER Needs Inquiry

Hi All!

I used GSA SER before, probably 7-9 years ago and there was a guy helping me so I’m not really familiar with it before, let alone now. :( But I’ve decided to try and use it again and I really need your help.

What are the things needed to run GSA SER successfully? I’ve been reading the forum, watching tutorials but I’m still not confident about what I learned. Here’s what I think I need:

  1. Lists = I saw somewhere that this is needed and important. I saw somewhere for sale at $ 67/month. Can you please suggest the best place to get this? Or if I can get it for free? (Still starting out with low budget :( )
  2. Captcha Solver = I remember we used something like this before. Please help me how to get this for free or cheap.
  3. Proxy = Is 10 private proxies enough? And do I have to use free at the same time? Any suggestion where I can buy cheap yet great for SER proxies?
  4. VPS = I can’t afford this for now so I’m gonna use my PC. 
  5. Emails = I’ve read “catchall” is great but for blog comments, articles etc… individual emails are suggested. Is this true? I have couple of domains that I can use to create catchall. Can you suggest a best strategy for this please?
  6. And contents like articles, comments, PDF etc. = I don’t have any strategy on this. And where can I get these as cheaply as possible Please help :(

I’m pretty sure I missed a couple of necessities here, please please please help me. I’m super newb to this. Any help is appreciated. Please I really need some assistance.

If someone is willing to teach me how to become at least a comfortable GSA SER user, I’m willing to offer my services. I can help with support or customer service, simple photo and video editing, or maybe some data entry to take off some load in your business. 

Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for any assistance! :)

[ Politics ] Open Question : How would Howard Schultz potentially running for President guarantee Trump’s reelection?

Recently, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that he may run for President in 2020 as an Independent centrist. Republicans have largely taken Schultz’s announcement lightly, claiming that he’s unlikely to earn a huge following beyond maybe a coalition of bipartisan moderates. Progressive Democrats, on the other hand, see a Schultz presidential run as their worst nightmare, claiming that he would essentially help Trump cruise to victory again. How would Schultz’s running (should he do so) be a boon to Trump? Artemisc, Schultz said he might run as an Independent. Which “nomination”, are you referring to?

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Best payment processing for high volume of claims


I have an ecommerce and I am looking for a payment processor that accepts visa / mastercard and that does not cause problems or charge me anything for claims. The page specifies that returns are not accepted, in addition to the user being subscribed to a monthly program with recurring payments, then there is a percentage of users who reject payments in automatic renewals. Which is the best provider so as not to have problems with the claims and at the same time allow these recurring…

Best payment processing for high volume of claims