Change base image when attribute is selected on catalog page

I want to change the base image depending on the color which is selected. So if i select “Olive Green”, all the products with olive color single products must change the base images to the black version.

So, this is the standard catalog page: So, this is the standard catalog page:

I change the color with the color swatch: I change the color with the color swatch

If i change the color to Olive Green, i see this: If i want to change the color to Olive Green, i see this:

But i want to see this: enter image description here

All the single products do have their own image. How to do this?

What are the effects of having unarmed strikes count as weapons?

Unarmed strikes already count as “attacks”, “melee attacks”, and even “melee weapon attacks” as the Sage Advice Compendium, version 2.3, states this on page 11:

For example, an unarmed strike counts as a melee weapon attack, even though the attacker’s body isn’t considered a weapon…

I was wondering if there are unforeseen consequences of letting unarmed strikes simply count as weapons in general.

Error “Move-SPSite : Execution Timeout Expired.”

I want to move a 30GB Site Collection to another content database. This should be done with PowerShell with the Move-SPSite command. After about 40 Minutes the job stops with the following error Message:

Move-SPSite : Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. At line:27 char:1 + Move-SPSite -Identity $ SiteUrl -DestinationDatabase $ DestinationDB -Confirm:$ fal … + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (Microsoft.Share…PCmdletMoveSite:SPCmdletMoveSite) [Move-SPSite], SPCmdletException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell.SPCmdletMoveSite

We’ve increased the execution timeout but this helped nothing. We tried the command also with other site collections and everything worked fine. Any ideas what we can do?

¿Cómo puedo ejecutar un store procedure con parametro de salida?

quisiera saber como declaro un parámetro de salida para mi store procedure ya que los demás parámetros están declarados ya solo me falta saber como declarar el valor C1 que es un sys_refcursor en oracle y que valor deberia ir para que funcione. Agradezco de antemano su ayuda.

store procedure oracle sqlDeveloper

create or replace procedure HORAS_SIGERI   (c1 out sys_refcursor, CODIGO_PROY VARCHAR , FECHA_INICIO_VAL DATE,FECHA_FIN_VAL DATE)   as   begin   open c1 for  SELECT         rh.id_colaborador,         rh.nombre_colaborador,         rh.id_unidad_organizativa,         rh.id_proyecto,         rh.descripcion_proyecto,         rh.tipo_actividad,         rh.fecha,         rh.horas_imputadas     FROM         view_horas_sigeri rh     WHERE rh.id_unidad_organizativa =CODIGO_PROY AND rh.fecha BETWEEN fecha_inicio_val AND fecha_fin_val      order by 1,7;    end; variable c1  refcursor; execute HORAS_SIGERI(:C1,'103569','01/07/19','31/07/19'); print c1; 

Metodo creado para recibir el store procedure tienes las propiedades correspondientes para la creación.

public static void CreateCommand(string Source, CommandType CommandType)         {             command.CommandText = Source;             command.CommandType = CommandType;             command.CommandTimeout = 10;             command.Connection = cn;             command.Connection.Open();         } 

//Ejecución del método

public List<HorasSigeri> GetAllRegistros(string idProyecto,string fechaDesde, string fechaHasta)     {      List<HorasSigeri> lsthoras = new List<HorasSigeri>();     HorasSigeri objHoras;     idProyecto = "103569";     try     {         OracleConectionBd.OpenConection();         /*OracleConectionBd.CreateCommand("SELECT ID_COLABORADOR,NOMBRE_COLABORADOR,ID_UNIDAD_ORGANIZATIVA," +            " ID_PROYECTO, DESCRIPCION_PROYECTO, TIPO_ACTIVIDAD," +             "FECHA, HORAS_IMPUTADAS FROM VIEW_HORAS_SIGERI WHERE ID_UNIDAD_ORGANIZATIVA IN('103569') AND FECHA  " +           "  BETWEEN to_date('" + fechaDesde + "','DD/MM/YYYY') AND to_date('" + fechaHasta + "','DD/MM/YYYY') ", CommandType.Text);*/         OracleConectionBd.CreateCommand("HORAS_SIGERI(:C1'" + idProyecto + "','" + DateTime.Parse(fechaDesde) + "','" + DateTime.Parse(fechaHasta) + "')", CommandType.StoredProcedure);           using (IDataReader oReader = OracleConectionBd.GetDataReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection))         {                  while (oReader.Read())                 {                     objHoras = new HorasSigeri();                     objHoras.ID_COLABORADOR = Convert.ToString(oReader["ID_COLABORADOR"]);                     objHoras.NOMBRE_COLABORADOR = Convert.ToString(oReader["NOMBRE_COLABORADOR"]);                     objHoras.ID_UNIDAD_ORGANIZATIVA = Convert.ToString(oReader["ID_UNIDAD_ORGANIZATIVA"]);                     objHoras.ID_PROYECTO = Convert.ToDecimal(oReader["ID_PROYECTO"]);                     objHoras.DESCRIPCION_PROYECTO = Convert.ToString(oReader["DESCRIPCION_PROYECTO"]);                     objHoras.TIPO_ACTIVIDAD = Convert.ToString(oReader["TIPO_ACTIVIDAD"]);                     objHoras.FECHA = Convert.ToDateTime(oReader["FECHA"]);                     objHoras.HORAS_IMPUTADAS = Convert.ToDecimal(oReader["HORAS_IMPUTADAS"]);                      lsthoras.Add(objHoras);                 }               oReader.Close();         }     }     catch (Exception ex)     {          throw ex;     }     finally     {         OracleConectionBd.CloseConection();     }     return lsthoras; } 

Al ejecutar el metodo me devuelve el siguiente error not all variables bound en el visual studio


Để lắm thể cài để Driver Wifi biếu máy in epson L805 (L805 Series (Network)) quý khách dính líu tiến đánh theo cạc bước sau:
I. Chuẩn bị:
1. Laptop lắm vượt đĩa CD/DVD dùng hệ điều hành Windows hay PC (máy tâm tính để bàn) lắm băng đĩa CD/DVD và nhiều gắn váng bị thâu sóng Wifi dùng hệ điều hành ta Windows, Hệ thống số phận Wifi. đối xử cùng Laptop và PC không lắm tổ CD/DVD quang đãng để đọc đĩa cài thắng thời lắm trạng thái Download Driver theo link phía dưới.
2. Đĩa CD găm được Driver (sẽ…


Closing the lid should do nothing but the display should turn off like window’s do nothing

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and figured out that there is no option in settings to change the closing lid behaviour. However I tried the command line method from the answer here

HandleLidSwitch=ignore worked successfully. But ,this thing doesn’t turn off the screen like it happens in windows.

Keep the System running but turn the screen off when the lid is closed.

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