What part of Chult does this image depict?

What part of Chult does this image depict?

enter image description here

It is found in Tomb of Annihilation, on page 9. Is it Aldani Basin?

The Soshenstar and Tath rivers flow out of this marshy upland basin, which is a popular feeding ground for dinosaurs and swarms of biting insects. Tall plateaus and walls of dense foliage enclose the marsh.

The description matches, but the image is not labeled, and is on a different chapter of the book.

Detecting conservation, loss, or gain in a crafting game with items and recipes

Suppose we’re designing a game like Minecraft where we have lots of items $ i_1,i_2,…,i_n\in I$ and a bunch of recipes $ r_1,r_2,…,r_m\in R$ . Recipes are functions $ r:(I\times\mathbb{N})^n\rightarrow I\times\mathbb{N}$ , that is they take some items with non-negative integer weights and produce an integer quantity of another item.

For example, the recipe for cake in Minecraft is:

3 milk + 3 wheat + 2 sugar + 1 egg $ \rightarrow$ 1 cake

… and the recipe for torches is:

1 stick + 1 coal $ \rightarrow$ 4 torches

Some recipes could even be reversible, for example: 9 diamonds $ \leftrightarrow$ 1 diamond block

If there’s some combination of recipes we can repeatedly apply to get more of the items that we started with then the game is poorly balanced and this can be exploited by players. It’s more desirable that we design the game with recipes that conserve items or possibly lose some items (thermodynamic entropy in the real world – you can’t easily un-burn the toast).

Is there an efficient algorithm that can decide if a set of recipes will:

  • conserve items?
  • lose items to inefficiency?
  • gain items?

Is there an efficient algorithm that can find the problematic recipes if a game is imbalanced?

My first thoughts are that there is a graph structure / maximum flow problem here but it’s very complex, and that it resembles a knapsack problem. Or maybe it could be formulated as a SAT problem – this is what I’m considering to code it at the moment but something more efficient might exist.

We could encode recipes in a matrix $ \mathbf{R}^{m \times n}$ where rows correspond to recipes and columns correspond to items. Column entries are negative if an item is consumed by a recipe, positive if it’s produced by the recipe, and zero if it’s unused. Similar to a well known matrix method for graph cycle detection, we could raise $ \mathbf{R}$ to some high power and get sums of each row to see if item totals keep going up, stay balanced, or go negative. However, I’m not confident this always works.

Any discussion, code, or recommended reading is very appreciated.

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How do I deal with long travels?

My group has faced a lot of just traveling; so sometimes I just say it’s been 3 days since you started traveling, because I don’t really have anything big planned on that particular road.

However in a situation like what I’m planning, my party is going through an ominous forest, with a very crooked trail and its kinda scary. However it’s a long trail and in this forest theirs not much big events that happen, or even like big stopping points. The trail is literally just a long trail through an ominous forest; however I want it to seem like its a really long distance they’ve traveled through this scary forest.

Is there something that can help me with this?

Security: Multiple VPN users

Let’s assume there is a service provider that hosts some services behinde a firewall. Two different companies connect to the network of the service provider via VPN. (To use the services that aren’t accessible via internet) Each Company hast it’s own VPN tunnel. Can Company A read/redirect/mitm the Traffic of company B?

I know that the tunnels itself are secure. What happens if both connections terminate in the network of the service provider? Is there a security risk? What are the attack vectors or security risks?

How do I telegraph to players that, because they let guards escape, the enemy fortress knows they’re coming?

I’m DM’ing for a group of mostly first-time players, and this is my first time DM’ing. At the end of last session they approached their first big dungeon (goblin fortress), attacked some guards, and let them escape inside. They’re now blissfully camped out front of the dungeon. The guards escaped; the fortress is alert; they’re camped out front. Obviously, there should be (fun) consequences for their sloppiness.

I know how to punish the players for letting the guards escape, like getting ambushed in the night, traps in the dungeon, enemies are ready for them, etc. However, how do I telegraph to the players that these things are happening because the enemies know they’re coming?

Since we’re all first inexperienced, I’m worried that anything “special” I throw at them will be seen as “normal goblin dungeon”. For example, I want the goblins to attack them in their sleep, or maybe they enter a room and all the goblins have their bows drawn and pointed at the players. How do I let the players know that’s happening because the guards escaped inside and alerted their buddies, and not just something that normally happens?

Punishing the players for being sloppy sounds like fun. But how do I let them know they’re being punished?

PMKID found , but it should be WPA handshake

i was trying to get access in wifi network but i came to something that i need to ask afteraireplay-ng –0 20 –a [router bssid] –c [client bssid] wlan0mon i expect

WPA handshake

in right top corner in the terminal, but it appears

PMKID found

can i crack this as same as WPA handshake with aircrack-ng -a2 -b [router bssid] -w [path to wordlist] /root/Desktop/*.cap or what should i do to crack this?