Looking for 5e D&D module maker software like Neverwinter Nights [closed]

I’ve written some D&D 5e adventures, and I’m evaluating building them as a third-party (second-party?) video game module. Neverwinter Nights (NWN) from 2002 has the Aurora toolset which allows third-party module creation, but NWN is D&D 3e. Does anyone know of an existing or planned D&D computer game that has a similar module toolset? It doesn’t look as if Solasta: Magister or Baldur’s Gate 3 has this type of tool.

How can I get around the drow’s light sensitivity?

My friends and I are trying to come up with ways to get around the drow’s sunlight limitations. We thought of using spells, but Darkness makes it impossible to see, which would defeat the purpose.

The best I’ve been able to come up with is lashing a large patio umbrella to a mule and making it follow the drow everywhere. Would this work, at least for a low level melee character?

What other options does our drow have?

This question is about what I can do as a player to take advantage of RAW; the players in my group don’t mind being munchkin-y. Telling the GM to make the campaign take place at night isn’t an option.

Can we downgrade from 19c to 12.1.0 if the compatibility is set to 12.2.0


Recently i upgraded a 12.1.0 database to 19c (non CDB architecture). Current compatibility is set to 12.2.0. Can I downgrade it to the earlier version – 12.1.0? Documentation states the downgrade is possible but am not sure about the compatibility parameter.


What happens if you get over 20 on a death save?

Normally with when you roll death saves, you get up with 1 HP if you roll a 20. But how does this apply with modifiers like Bless?

You bless up to three creatures of your choice within range. Whenever a target makes an attack roll or a saving throw before the spell ends, the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to the attack roll or saving throw.

Would Bless bringing it to 20 or over count for the waking back up function?

Turn off titlegen and other…

Hello, could someone tell me how turn off titlegen? I have my own title, but all the same have been added some random words from titlegen.

The second thing
In article I want put link to my verified link, I do it like this:
<a href=”%verified_url%”>%verified_url%</a> but this never work propertly, always shows in article
<a href=”http://domain1.com”>http://domain2.com</a>

How to put this links properly?

Why Mathematica is not producing output and taking too much time

I’m trying to solve the given system of ODES but the Mathematica is taking too much time and not producing any output. I was trying to check the error by evaluating one one command but there was no error in any command but the equations EOM2, and EOM3 was taking too much time when I was trying to evaluate the equations.

For simple case aa=0, code works, but when I take non-zero aa, it takes a long time and didn’t produce output.

Can anyone please guide me how can I fix this problem? Is there any command in Mathematica that can be used to obtain the fast output?

 R2[r_, \[Theta]_] := r^2 + aa^2 Cos[\[Theta]]^2;  TR[r_, \[Theta]_] := r^2 - 2 M r + aa^2;   gtt[r_, \[Theta]_] := -(1 - (2 M r)/R2[r, \[Theta]]);  gt\[Phi][r_, \[Theta]_] := -(( 2 r M aa Sin[\[Theta]]^2)/    R2[r, \[Theta]]); g\[Phi]\[Phi][   r_, \[Theta]_] := (r^2 +      aa^2 + (2  M r (aa^2) )/       R2[r, \[Theta]] Sin[\[Theta]]^2) Sin[\[Theta]]^2;  grr[r_, \[Theta]_] := R2[r, \[Theta]]/TR[r, \[Theta]];  g\[Theta]\[Theta][r_, \[Theta]_] := R2[r, \[Theta]];   gUtt[r_, \[Theta]_] := -(1/    TR[r, \[Theta]]) (r^2 +      aa^2 + (2  M r (aa^2) )/ R2[r, \[Theta]] Sin[\[Theta]]^2);  gUt\[Phi][r_, \[Theta]_] := -((2 M aa r)/(   TR[r, \[Theta]] R2[r, \[Theta]]));  gU\[Phi]\[Phi][r_, \[Theta]_] := (  TR[r, \[Theta]] - aa^2 Sin[\[Theta]]^2)/(  TR[r, \[Theta]] R2[r, \[Theta]] Sin[\[Theta]]^2);  gUrr[r_, \[Theta]_] := TR[r, \[Theta]]/R2[r, \[Theta]];  gU\[Theta]\[Theta][r_, \[Theta]_] := 1/R2[r, \[Theta]]; M = 1; n = 4; glo = FullSimplify[{ {gtt[r, \[Theta]], 0, 0,       gt\[Phi][r, \[Theta]]}, {0, grr[r, \[Theta]], 0, 0}, {0, 0,       g\[Theta]\[Theta][r, \[Theta]], 0}, {gt\[Phi][r, \[Theta]], 0, 0,       g\[Phi]\[Phi][r, \[Theta]]}}]; gup = FullSimplify[{ {gUtt[r, \[Theta]], 0, 0,       gUt\[Phi][r, \[Theta]]}, {0, gUrr[r, \[Theta]], 0, 0}, {0, 0,       gU\[Theta]\[Theta][r, \[Theta]], 0}, {gUt\[Phi][r, \[Theta]], 0,       0, gU\[Phi]\[Phi][r, \[Theta]]}}];   dglo = Simplify[Det[glo]];  crd = {t, r, \[Theta], \[Phi]};  Xup = {t[\[Tau]], r[\[Tau]], \[Theta][\[Tau]], \[Phi][\[Tau]]}; Vup = {Vt, Vr, V\[Theta], V\[Phi]}; Pup = {Pt[\[Tau]], Pr[\[Tau]], P\[Theta][\[Tau]], P\[Phi][\[Tau]]};  Sup = {{Stt[\[Tau]], Str[\[Tau]], St\[Theta][\[Tau]],      St\[Phi][\[Tau]]},     {Srt[\[Tau]], Srr[\[Tau]], Sr\[Theta][\[Tau]], Sr\[Phi][\[Tau]]},    {S\[Theta]t[\[Tau]], S\[Theta]r[\[Tau]], S\[Theta]\[Theta][\[Tau]],      S\[Theta]\[Phi][\[Tau]]},    {S\[Phi]t[\[Tau]], S\[Phi]r[\[Tau]], S\[Phi]\[Theta][\[Tau]],      S\[Phi]\[Phi][\[Tau]]}};   christoffel =    Table[(1/2)*     Sum[(gup[[i, s]])*(D[glo[[s, k]], crd[[j]] ] +          D[glo[[s, j]], crd[[k]] ] - D[glo[[j, k]], crd[[s]] ]), {s, 1,        n}], {i, 1, n}, {j, 1, n}, {k, 1, n}] ;   riemann =   Table[ D[christoffel[[i, j, l]], crd[[k]] ] -      D[christoffel[[i, j, k]], crd[[l]] ] +      Sum[christoffel[[s, j, l]] christoffel[[i, k, s]] -        christoffel[[s, j, k]] christoffel[[i, l, s]],      {s, 1, n}], {i, 1, n}, {j, 1, n}, {k, 1, n}, {l, 1, n}] ;   loriemann =    Table[Sum[glo[[i, m]]*riemann[[m, j, k, l]], {m, 1, n}], {i, 1,      n}, {j, 1, n}, {k, 1, n}, {l, 1, n}] ;   EOM1 = Table[ D[Xup[[a]], \[Tau]] == Vup[[a]] , {a, 1, n}];    EOM2 = Table[     D[Pup[[a]], \[Tau]] + \!\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(b = 1\), \(n\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(c =           1\), \(n\)]christoffel[\([\)\(a, b, c\)\(]\)]*         Pup[\([\)\(b\)\(]\)]*Vup[\([\)\(c\)\(]\)]\)\) == -(1/2) \!\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(b = 1\), \(n\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(c = 1\), \(n\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(d = 1\), \(n\)]riemann[\([\)\(a,            b, c, d\)\(]\)]*Vup[\([\)\(b\)\(]\)]*          Sup[\([\)\(c, d\)\(]\)]\)\)\),    {a, 1, n}];  EOM3 = Table[     D[Sup[[a, b]], \[Tau]] + \!\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(c = 1\), \(n\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(d =           1\), \(n\)]christoffel[\([\)\(a, c, d\)\(]\)]*         Sup[\([\)\(c, b\)\(]\)]*Vup[\([\)\(d\)\(]\)]\)\) + \!\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(c = 1\), \(n\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(d =           1\), \(n\)]christoffel[\([\)\(b, c, d\)\(]\)]*         Sup[\([\)\(a, c\)\(]\)]*Vup[\([\)\(d\)\(]\)]\)\) ==      Pup[[a]]*Vup[[b]] - Pup[[b]]*Vup[[a]],    {a, 1, n}, {b, 1, n}];    Wfactor = 4*\[Mu]^2 + \!\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(i = 1\), \(4\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(j = 1\), \(4\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(k = 1\), \(4\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(l =           1\), \(4\)]\((loriemann[\([\)\(i, j, k,            l\)\(]\)]*\((Sup[\([\)\(i, j\)\(]\)])\)*\ \((Sup[\([\)\(k,             l\)\(]\)])\))\)\)\)\)\);  Wvec = Table[2/(\[Mu]*Wfactor)*(\!\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(i = 1\), \(4\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(k = 1\), \(4\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(m = 1\), \(4\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(l = 1\), \(4\)]Sup[\([\)\(j,             i\)\(]\)]*           Pup[\([\)\(k\)\(]\)]*\((loriemann[\([\)\(i, k, l,              m\)\(]\)])\)*\((Sup[\([\)\(l, m\)\(]\)])\)\)\)\)\)), {j,      1, n}];   NN = 1/Sqrt[1 - \!\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(i = 1\), \(4\)]\( \*UnderoverscriptBox[\(\[Sum]\), \(k =         1\), \(4\)]\((glo[\([\)\(i, k\)\(]\)])\)*Wvec[\([\)\(i\)\(]\)]*       Wvec[\([\)\(k\)\(]\)]\)\)];   {Vt, Vr, V\[Theta], V\[Phi]} = NN (Wvec + Pup);  EOM = Flatten[    Join[{EOM1, EOM2, EOM3} /.          r -> r[\[Tau]] /. \[Theta] -> \[Theta][\[Tau]] /.        Derivative[1][r[\[Tau]]][\[Tau]] -> Derivative[1][r][\[Tau]] /.       Derivative[1][\[Theta][\[Tau]]][\[Tau]] ->        Derivative[1][\[Theta]][\[Tau]]]];  INT1 = {t[0] == 0,     r[0] == r0, \[Theta][0] == \[Theta]0, \[Phi][0] == 0}; INT2 = {Pt[0] == 1.32288, Pr[0] == 0, P\[Theta][0] == 0,     P\[Phi][0] == 0.07143}; INT3 = {{Stt[0] == 0, Str[0] == 0, St\[Theta][0] == 0,      St\[Phi][0] == 0},     {Srt[0] == 0, Srr[0] == 0, Sr\[Theta][0] == 0, Sr\[Phi][0] == 0},    {S\[Theta]t[0] == 0, S\[Theta]r[0] == 0, S\[Theta]\[Theta][0] == 0,      S\[Theta]\[Phi][0] == 0},    {S\[Phi]t[0] == 0, S\[Phi]r[0] == 0, S\[Phi]\[Theta][0] == 0,      S\[Phi]\[Phi][0] == 0}}; INT = Flatten[Join[{INT1, INT2, INT3}]]; r0 = 7; \[Theta]0 = Pi/2; \[Mu] = 1; aa = 0.5; M = 1;  NDSolve[Flatten[Join[{EOM, INT}]], {t, r, \[Theta], \[Phi], Pt, Pr,    P\[Theta], P\[Phi], Stt, Str, St\[Theta], St\[Phi], Srt, Srr,    Sr\[Theta], Sr\[Phi],   S\[Theta]t, S\[Theta]r, S\[Theta]\[Theta], S\[Theta]\[Phi],    S\[Phi]t, S\[Phi]r, S\[Phi]\[Theta], S\[Phi]\[Phi]}, {\[Tau], 0,    1000}] 

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