Steady rankings but impressions dropped off a cliff

I run a website in the ‘Christmas song lyrics’ niche and have been slowly but building traffic. However, after updating content and urls to better Target the niche Google has been go a bit wild on the site with rankings doing the google dance.

However, for certain keywords impressions have dropped off a cliff but the position has been steady. I cannot figure this out for the life of me.

Please help.

Enable comments for custom template page

We use careerfy theme WordPress which is a system for a job board.

I would like to enable comments for each job post page, these pages are not listed on the WordPress admin panel, I can access it via child theme only, in this path: (wp-content/themes/careerfy-child-theme/wp-jobsearch/detail-pages/job/view3-job.php)

I have tried to add a shortcode but it seems not working.

Is the database design alright? And I’m quite lost with the admin entity here

A quick description of my system would be: there are 2 users: users and admin.

User registers on the website. Upon registration, the system will generate a QR code for the user. The user then goes to be vaccinated, and upon vaccination, someone will be able to scan his/ her QR code and the status of the user will be updated as vaccinated with the 1st dose of the vaccine. Additional information will also include, the date for the 2nd dose of vaccination, the doctor who was responsible for the vaccination, date and time of the vaccination. The user can also give his feedback for the side effects per dosage.

On the admin’s side:

  • able to log in
  • they will have a report in the graph for each of the vaccines and the percentage of how many were vaccinated with these types of vaccines.
  • graph of side effects per dosage of each of the vaccines
  • add, edit, and delete a doctor
  • add, edit, delete a vaccine
  • it will also include Analytics for the frequency of the users
  • list of those users

This is the database design I have come up so far and I’m needing help if this is correct and I’m a little lost with the admin entity here.

enter image description here

Google crawls* urls that are not supposed to exist

Google reported a schema error on a page on my website which should not exist:

my-category does not have 25 pages. It only has 3 pages. I checked the other categories and I can access those pages with /0/ on the URL as well.

my-category pages should only be

Only the main archive page, which has all the POST, should have 25 pages.

Is there a setting that I need to update, or a hook that needs filtering to remove those URLs with /0/ on the URL? Those need to be 404.

Determining the voltage ripple when the transient is over (mistake in result)

Well, I have the following code:

Clear["Global`*"]; u = 5; \[Tau] = (1/2)*10^(-3); c = 10^(-6); r = 1000; y = u*Sum[((1 - E^((-t + \[Tau] + 4 n \[Tau])/(c*r)))  HeavisideTheta[         t - 4 n \[Tau]] HeavisideTheta[         t - \[Tau] - 4 n \[Tau]]) - ((1 - E^((-t + (3 + 4 n) \[Tau])/(          c*r))) HeavisideTheta[t - 4 n \[Tau]] HeavisideTheta[         t - (3 + 4 n) \[Tau]]), {n, 0, Infinity}]; 

And I want to find the ripple in the voltage given by y when the transient part of that function is over. I can do that by finding the period time of that function and I found that I can use:

$ $ \lim_{\text{k}\to\infty}\left|\text{y}\left(\left(2\text{k}+3\right)\tau\right)-\text{y}\left(\left(2\text{k}+1\right)\tau\right)\right|\tag1$ $

Programming that in Mathematica, gives the following code:

FullSimplify[  Limit[Abs[(y /. t -> (2*k + 3)*\[Tau]) - (y /.        t -> (2*k + 1)*\[Tau])], k -> Infinity]] 

And Mathematica returns:

Interval[{0, 20}] 

Which is wrong, because it must return (I know that that is the good answer):

$ $ \frac{5 (e-1)}{1+e}\approx2.31059\tag2$ $

Where is my mistake, is it a coding mistake? Or a mathematical mistake? Thanks for any help.

GDPR and database data relation

In my website, users can report comments. Those reports are verified by operators and, based on a conclusion, they will mark the report as "No action" or "Deleted". The "Deleted" status of a report means that the comment was deleted.

Those users which report comments can see the report status in their account dashboard. So they will know at some time what happen with comments reported.

If the status given by an operator is "Deleted", then means I should delete the reported comment. And, of course, that comment should not be visible anymore to users.

But, each report from my database has an ID of that comment with a foreign key. So I’m thinking of just hiding the comment and not to really delete it. Sounds pretty good, until the user who made that comment asks me to delete all his data from my database (GDPR rules).

I’m thinking of changing the comment text to "whatever, deleted", but doesn’t sounds that good. This means I will have comments unused in my database.

Also, accepting the report comment id column (which has foreign key) to accept null values, doesn’t sounds to good either.

So, how do you work with this ? How do you keep a good and logic relation in the database as long as an user asks to delete his data if that data has a relation with other users data ?

Unity XR: Get boundary world position

I’m trying to create something simular to "Everest VR"’s "Stand on the footprint" system.

The way it works is the game get’s the XR boundary, places a footprints texture in the corner of the play area and rotates the footprints towards the center of the playarea.

Now this isn’t too hard, I’m currently developing on Oculus Quest and I’m using:

using Unity.XR.Oculus;  public GameObject PlayAreaVisual; // A visual reference of what should be the playarea  bool oculusPlayAreaSet = Boundary.GetBoundaryDimensions(Boundary.BoundaryType.PlayArea, out Vector3 dim);  PlayAreaVisual.transform.localScale = new Vector3(dim.x, 0.1f, dim.z); 

to get the size of the playarea. The issue is that if the user resets the camera / "Reset view" by holding the Oculus button, it’s as if the XR system doesn’t understand that the camera has been reset, and uses the camera reset as an offset and doesn’t show the "real world boundaries".

Oculus Quest boundary is offset due to resetting the camera

In the screenshot you can see the Vector3 which is dim from Boundary.GetBoundaryDimensions(Boundary.BoundaryType.PlayArea, out Vector3 dim); This gives the size of the boundary but I still don’t know the correct position

I even tried having two custom play area objects, one on the camera offset, and one on the XR Rig root, but they end up overlapping

Unity inspector

TLDR; Using the Oculus Quest "Reset View" makes Unity "forgot" where the boundry is supposed to be

Question: How do you get the boundary world position / XR rig offset?