How to indicate to users that an email-only domain is active? [closed]

I use a domain name with no website attached to it for all of my personal emails, i.e. it only has MX/TXT records, and no A/CNAME ones. I’ve had a couple of instances in the past where people thought that I gave them a wrong email address because they tried typing my domain into their browser and, naturally, it didn’t resolve.

So I’m thinking of putting together a simple HTML page and pointing the domain to it for the sole purpose of indicating to those people that the domain is indeed active. However, I’m struggling with what that page should say and look like. What would you do if you were me? Thanks!

Any ideas on why when I put a list of category links in a dropdown list using tags the links are going to the wrong url?

Desktop version is providing the correct url for example: http://test.local/test/category/featured/ but the mobile version is not providing the correct url: http://test.local/test/featured/ it’s dropping the /category/

Here is my desktop version of code:

<div class="category-filter full">         <span class="filter-text"><i class="far fa-filter"></i> <?php esc_html_e( 'Filter by:', 'test-wp' ); ?></span>         <ul class="category-list">             <?php              // only display "Featured" if a Featured post is present in the blog                 $  query = new WP_Query(array(                     'post_type' => 'post',                     'field' => 'slug',                     'category_name' => 'featured',                     'ignore_sticky_posts'    => 1,                 ));                 if( $  query->have_posts() ){                     echo '<li><a href="'. get_site_url() .'/category/featured/">Featured</a></li>';                 }             wp_reset_postdata(); // Restore original Post Data             ?>             <?php                  foreach ( $  terms as $  term ) {                     printf( '<li><a href="%1$  s">%2$  s</a></li>',                         esc_url( get_category_link( $  term->term_id ) ),                         esc_html( $  term->name )                     );                 }             ?>         </ul>     </div> 

And here is my mobile version of code:

<div class="category-filter mobile">         <select id="custom-select" onchange="location = this.value;" style="outline:none;border:1px solid #777;font-size:20px;height:30px;color:#777;">             <?php                  foreach ( $  terms as $  term ) {                     printf( '<option><a href="%1$  s">%2$  s</a></option>',                         esc_url( get_category_link( $  term->term_id ) ),                         esc_html( $  term->name )                     );                 }             ?>         </select>     </div> 

How come Min function in this query statement print name rather than integers

This is a question on

Pivot the Occupation column in OCCUPATIONS so that each Name is sorted alphabetically and displayed underneath its corresponding Occupation. The output column headers should be Doctor, Professor, Singer, and Actor, respectively. Note: Print NULL when there are no more names corresponding to an occupation.

Input Format The OCCUPATIONS table is described as follows:

Column Type Name String Occupation String Occupation will only contain one of the following values: Doctor, Professor, Singer or Actor.

Sample Input  Name    Occupation Samantha    Doctor Julia   Actor Maria   Actor Meera   Singer Ashely  Professor Ketty   Professor Christeen   Professor Jane    Actor Jenny   Doctor Priya   Singer 


Sample Output

Jenny Ashley Meera Jane Samantha Christeen Priya Julia NULL Ketty NULL Maria 

Explanation The first column is an alphabetically ordered list of Doctor names. The second column is an alphabetically ordered list of Professor names. The third column is an alphabetically ordered list of Singer names. The fourth column is an alphabetically ordered list of Actor names. The empty cell data for columns with less than the maximum number of names per occupation (in this case, the Professor and Actor columns) are filled with NULL valu

SET @r1=0, @r2=0, @r3 =0, @r4=0; SELECT MIN(Doctor), MIN(Professor), MIN(Singer), MIN(Actor) FROM (SELECT CASE Occupation WHEN 'Doctor' THEN @r1:=@r1+1                        WHEN 'Professor' THEN @r2:=@r2+1                        WHEN 'Singer' THEN @r3:=@r3+1                        WHEN 'Actor' THEN @r4:=@r4+1 END        AS RowLine,        CASE WHEN Occupation = 'Doctor' THEN Name END AS Doctor,        CASE WHEN Occupation = 'Professor' THEN Name END AS Professor,        CASE WHEN Occupation = 'Singer' THEN Name END AS Singer,        CASE WHEN Occupation = 'Actor' THEN Name END AS Actor        FROM OCCUPATIONS ORDER BY Name) AS t GROUP BY RowLine; 

My doubt how come MIN(DOCTOR) print names This is from ..Here in this tutorials it comes as number

Please give me a solid answer .I am in the process of learning mysql

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Local Pickup conflicting with other shipping methods

We have a fragile product (Product #1) that has a shipping class set to Local Pickup. When this is added to the card, the other shipping method is hidden – this works perfectly.

The issue is if a different product is added (Product #2), it triggers Shipping and Local Pickup, so the customer can choose to have both products shipped, despite Product #1 as Local Pick-up. I don’t want fragile products to ship because they get damaged.

How do I change the cart so if a fragile item is added, all other items (regardless of their shipping class) MUST also be Local Pickup?

Secondly, can we add a pop-up message highlighting "that Local Pickup items cannot be shippd – please remove this item from your cart"

Open to any other ideas to make this work. Thank you

How to store the chi-square values in a text file?

I am new to Mathematica. I have a 3×3 textfile 3.txt of numerical values. Each column corresponds to a,b,c respectively. I have a function f(d,e,f). I found the bestfit values for d, e, and f using Chimin, performing a chi-square analysis contrasting with data in my 3×3 textfile 3.txt. The code i created for the same is as follows

<< NumericalCalculus`  SetDirectory["C:/Users/vmsha/Downloads"];  data = ReadList["3.txt", {Number, Number, Number}]  ndata = 3;  Do[a[i] = data[[i, 1]], {i, 1, ndata}]  Do[b[i] = data[[i, 2]], {i, 1, ndata}]  Do[c[i] = data[[i, 3]], {i, 1, ndata}]  Chi[d, e, f] := Sum[((c[i]) - (d*e*f*a[i]))^2/b[i]^2, {i, 1, ndata}]  Chimin = FindMinimum[{Chi[d, e, f], -10 < d < 10, -10 < e < 10, -10 < f < 10}, {d, e, f}]  {0.0177074, {d -> 3.36069, e -> 0.929241, f -> 0.929241}} 

Now, I am interested in getting the whole 3 chi-square values evaluated using chi(d,e,f) in a single text file. Could anybody help?