2D Finding an algorithm to check pizza toppings positions

Using unity 3D I am creating a 2D pizza game and I am stuck at finding an algorithm to solve this problem which is Detecting if the pizza is half and half taking into consideration that the user can put the toppings in all rotations shown in the picture and lot more possible distributions.

I used Physics2D.OverlapAreaAll to get position of ingredients on the pizza and I tried getting the sumX and sumY of coordinates of all topping A and sumX and sumY of all topping B and adding A.sumX + B.sumX and A.sumY + B.sumY and if the 2 totals are between 0 and 1 then A and B are on opposite sides but the bad distribution of toppings in the second pic is also accepted by my algorithm. The toppings must be spread like in the 1st pic

I need some easier way to detect the correct distribution of ingredients maybe using collisions or something.

if (sumX > -ErrLvl && sumX < ErrLvl && sumY > -ErrLvl && sumY < ErrLvl)               {                 Debug.Log("APPROVED HALF-HALF PIZZA");             }             else                 Debug.Log("BAD HALF-HALF PIZZA"); 

Correct distribution

Bad distribution