70-300 AF-S Lens Won’t Autofocus on one of my D7100’s

I recently purchased a used Nikkor 70-300 AF-S VR lens used from B&H that is in “Excellent” condition. I have 2 Nikon D7100 bodies that I shoot with and both autofocus just fine with all of my other lenses. However, the 70-300 lens I recently purchased will only Autofocus on one of my D7100’s. When I first got the lens, both cameras were running firmware version 1.03. Once I realized the lens did not work on one of the cameras, I figured I would go ahead and update to 1.04 to see if it cleared up the issue. It worked! Only for a moment though, after changing the focus mode to AF-C from AF-S the lens attempted to focus once and then went dead again. Anyone have any idea what might cause this D7100/70-300 combination to not autofocus when the camera itself autofocuses other lenses with no issues and the lens itself works on another D7100 with no problems at all?

Troubleshooting steps up to this point:

  • Gone through all menus including Autofocus under the Custom Setting Menu.
  • Upgraded firmware from 1.03 to 1.04.
  • Test both camera and lens with other combinations and they work fine.
  • Cleaned contacts on both camera and lens.
  • Made sure AF is enabled on both camera and lens
  • Factory Reset the camera using the instructions here.