A Better View of Twitter Threads

I’ve just discovered Threads on Twitter and found that they could be a great way of keeping a daily feed of events related to one thing, but there are a problems, and I was wondering if there was a practical solution to them.

So lets say you’re doing a daily 24 Hours In The Life of Garden Birds for a month. Ideally your first tweet would be an intorduction, and then the rest would be a summary of each hour. Followers would get an easy to read, hour by hour summary posted in time order.

The problem is, non followers who visit your profile see a long list of 25 individual tweets, posted in reverse order with the introduction last – Making your timeline look a bit crap to outsiders.

I figured a practical solution may be to have 2 accounts:

@24HoursOfBirds – A secondary account for posting the threads.

@Birds – The main account for retweeting the first tweet of each thread + important tweets that are not seen in thread format.

The problem of course is that all of your engagements are going to be made on the Secondary (@24HoursOfBirds) account, and you’re likely to make all of your followers in this account too.

Is there a way to make threads appear a little bit more asthetically pleasing to visitors to your profile?