A dwarven Path of the Ancestral Guardian, good builds/tips? [closed]

Recently I finished playing a character of mine in a long-running D&D campaign. My DM and I both decided it’d be best to leave my character behind because his story was finished and there was no reason for him to stay any longer.

The thing I’m having a problem with is creating a (level 12) barbarian. I’ve never played barbarian before but it seemed like a lot of fun to me! Path of the Ancestral Guardian especially spoke to me because the idea behind it is just so cool and I like being able to help my team whilst also doing damage and being able to soak it myself. The reason I really want to play a dwarf is that my party recently saved a group of dwarves from an erupting volcano (which turned out to be a monster), and I want to make a character who is thankful to them and wants to offer them his services in return.

Do any of you have any tips for me on creating such a character? What skills are important for me and which things are better to leave for other characters?

Here’s a list of my party members at this moment:

  • A Chronomancer Wizzard, a very smart character who focusses on utility spellcasting/crowd control and intelligence.
  • A Phoenix Sorcerer, an incredible fire-themed sorcerer who focusses on charisma and blasting our enemies to pieces
  • An Oath of Conquest Paladin, a dickhead paladin who deals amazing melee damage and also currently the tank of our team
  • A Circle of the Shepherd Druid, a weird but friendly guy who focusses on survival/healing and action economy. This guy also has an awakened bear, a totem of the bear “barbarian”. This bear is mainly focussed on protecting the druid though, so there is no need to take him into consideration.
  • A Pact of the Undying Warlock, an edgy but loveable character focussing on AoE, necrotic damage, and summonings.

Thanks a lot for your time!