A fresh Win10 installation doesnt see neither printer nor NAS, whereas original one does

My laptop (ZBook 15 G4) came with 1 drive with Win10 (lets call it Installation A) on it. I installed another SSD and put a fresh Win10 on it(installation B). I was planning to format the original drive to put Linux on it, but didnt get to it yet. So right now I have 2 drives, both with separate Win10 Pro 1803 on them. Pretty identical, one would think.

The problem: Installation A sees the NAS on my router (FritzBOX 5490) and the wireless printer(without installing any drivers first). Installation B doesnt see any of those plus I cannot access my router’s interface, neither by typing its IP adress nor by using the “adress” fritz.box. Both methods work on installation A and on other devices.

What I tried: Followed a few guides that did what worked for them in similar cases, like installing “Support for SMB 1.0/CIFS” and activated several services. If its relevant, I will edit the exact names in.

What I suspect: Maybe I missed a driver? What other difference is there between an OS installed by HP/vendor to a “self-installed”? That used the newest WiFi drivers from Intel’s site rather the ones from the model-specific collection?

Any other ideas?