A RESTful API for internal company system accessing peripheral devices

I am currently working on an internal storehouse management system for a certain company. They wanted it to be a web app so that they can use it without installation on any devices.

We decided to develop the system with .net core REST API as back-end and Angular web app as a front, since we are familiar with both.

The question is: the client needs the users to be able to access external devices, such as network printers and photo cameras for flaw detection. We have code to use them, handle parallelism, etc. However, most guidelines for developing RESTful APIs are not meant for internal company applications.

Off the top of my head I just made GET or POST controllers, I pass whatever details needed form the front-end and return an Image or a device response status. Like this:

// GET api/cameras/1 [HttpGet("{deviceId}")] public async Task<IActionResult> RetrieveFrontImage(int deviceId) {     Image img = _remoteCameras.GetImage(deviceId);      var stream = new MemoryStream();     img.Save(stream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png);     stream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);     return File(stream, "image/jpeg"); } 

Is this a good practice? Can I do it better? Are there any guidelines for developing internal applications in the shape of web apps? Thank you for your advises.