Accommodation with relatives on UK trip. Are they bearing cost of expenses?

I am applying for a standard tourist visa to the UK from India. It is a holiday trip with my wife and 2 kids. We will be staying with my cousin and his family who is a British citizen for more than 30 years. So our accommodation and majority of food expenses are taken care of by them. I have the necessary letter and documents from my cousin indicating his willingness to host us and bear these expenses.

For the question in the visa application, “Will anyone be paying towards the cost of your visit” – should I answer YES?? Is my cousin also “paying” towards the cost by hosting us?

I thought NO as I will be paying for the tickets, visa expenses and also have proof of funds for costs incurred towards sightseeing,food, attractions and shopping. Please advise.

For my children’s application, I had the question “Their relationship to you” for the person we are staying with. I put UNCLE but it was not one of the standard answer options for this question – is this OK?

Thanks for your prompt response.