add menu button to navigation bar

My old S4 mini had an hardware(sensor) menu button below the screen.

The newer models (My: Huwei P Smart – Android 8.0) only have the software navigation bar with back, home and app select buttons.

Is there a way to also add a menu button to this list? I found an option to add an additional hide button and an “open notifications” button – so it seems possible to adapt this bar.

Does some App/Modification exist, that also add a Menu-Button, that opens an applications main menu?

This would be handy, because on many apps the button is at the top of the screen that is not that easy to reach one handed or e.g. in chrome the address bar with the button is hidden and you have to scroll back to make the bar and the menu button to reappear.

It would be good if the change could be done without root (maybe with adb/developer mode)

I read somewhere that opening the menu is possible by tapping the outer buttons but that does not work on my model.

I deactivated the google assistant on the long-press-home. May be the menu action can be bound there?