Add metabox if there is at least one post available

So I am building a WordPress Dashboard widget which will showcase all posts & pages where a Gutenberg Block is active.

The below code does it’s job and pulls in an array based on get_posts().

Here is what I’m attempting to do:

  1. Is there a way that I can invoke the add_action and the pardot_dashboard_widget() function ONLY if there is at least one or more posts in get_posts()? If it’s an empty array, don’t even bother creating the metabox.

Here is the code:

/**  * Pardot Widget for Dashboard  */ function pardot_dashboard_widget() {     add_meta_box(         'pardot_dashboard_meta_box',         esc_html__( 'Pardot Form Locations', 'wporg' ),         'pardot_dashboard_stats',         'dashboard',         'side', 'high'     ); } add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'pardot_dashboard_widget');  function pardot_dashboard_stats() {     $  args = [         's'         => '<!-- wp:acf/pardot-form ',         'sentence'  => 1,         'post_type' => [             'post',             'page'         ],     ];     $  pardot_form_query = get_posts($  args);     if (!$  pardot_form_query) {        echo 'There are no active pardot forms available.';     } }