Add Total Row To PIVOT Query

I want to add a TOTAL monthly row to my query, below is my DDL, how can I have an additional row, under the last employeename that is labeled TOTAL and it shows the SUM() of the sales for ALL employees for that month?

Create Table #empSales (     employeename varchar(100)     ,saleamt decimal(10,2)     ,saleMonth varchar(100) )  Insert Into #empSales VALUES ('James', '1.00', 'January') ,('Richard', '3.28', 'January') ,('Barb', '4.13', 'January')   Select  employeeName ,SUM(January) As JanAMt ,SUM(February) As FebAMt ,SUM(March) As MarAMt ,SUM(April) As AprAMt ,SUM(May) As MayAMt ,SUM(June) As JunAMt ,SUM(July) As JulAMt ,SUM(August) As AugAMt ,SUM(September) As SepAMt ,SUM(October) As OctAMt ,SUM(November) As NovAMt ,SUM(December) As DecAMt FROM #empSales PIVOT (      SUM(saleAmt) For saleMonth IN (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December) ) As pvt GROUP BY employeeName Order By employeeName