Adding Custom Post Type Content to Elementor Custom Widget

I created a new Elementor Widget using the documentation provided here:

Creating a New Widget

The widget works fine from the demo for static content. But what I’d like to do is load content from a custom post type, and I can’t find any documentation explaining how to do that. I have a product-menu CPT, and used ACF for the fields. How do I load product-menu, and then have that displayed on the page when I drag and drop the widget?

From the example, the below functions I’m thinking are the ones for loading CPT content. Can someone give me a basic example of connecting CPT to the widget, then have that display on the page? I can figure out all options afterwards. Thanks!

protected function _register_controls() {     $  this->start_controls_section(         'section_content',         [             'label' => __('Content', 'vs-elementor-elements'),         ]     );      $  this->add_control(         'title',         [             'label' => __('Title', 'vs-elementor-elements'),             'type' => Controls_Manager::TEXT,             'default' => __('Title', 'vs-elementor-elements'),         ]     );      $  this->add_control(         'description',         [             'label' => __('Description', 'vs-elementor-elements'),             'type' => Controls_Manager::TEXTAREA,             'default' => __('Description', 'vs-elementor-elements'),         ]     );      $  this->add_control(         'content',         [             'label' => __('Content', 'vs-elementor-elements'),             'type' => Controls_Manager::WYSIWYG,             'default' => __('Content', 'vs-elementor-elements'),         ]     );       $  this->end_controls_section(); }  protected function render() {     $  settings = $  this->get_settings_for_display();      $  this->add_inline_editing_attributes('title', 'none');     $  this->add_inline_editing_attributes('description', 'basic');     $  this->add_inline_editing_attributes('content', 'advanced');     ?>     <h2 <?php echo $  this->get_render_attribute_string('title'); ?>><?php echo $  settings['title']; ?></h2>      <div <?php echo $  this->get_render_attribute_string('description'); ?>><?php echo $  settings['description']; ?></div>      <div <?php echo $  this->get_render_attribute_string('content'); ?>><?php echo $  settings['content']; ?></div>     <?php }  protected function _content_template() {     ?>     <#     view.addInlineEditingAttributes('title', 'none');     view.addInlineEditingAttributes('description', 'basic');     view.addInlineEditingAttributes('content', 'advanced');     #>     <h2 {{{ view.getRenderAttributeString('title') }}}>{{{ settings.title }}}</h2>      <div {{{ view.getRenderAttributeString('description') }}}>{{{ settings.description }}}</div>      <div {{{ view.getRenderAttributeString('content') }}}>{{{ settings.content }}}</div>     <?php }