Adding indexed field to Search API query in code

I want to add an indexed field to a Search API query in code. My query currently looks like this:

$  index = search_api_index_load("default_node_index"); $  query=new SearchApiQuery($  index); $  query->condition('type', 'answers_question', '='); $  filter = $  query->createFilter('OR'); $  filter->condition('title', $  text, '='); $  filter->condition('body:value', $  text, '='); $  query->sort('search_api_relevance', DESC); $  query->fields(array('title')); $  query->filter($  filter); $  query->keys($  text); $  data=$  query->execute(); 

This returns the correct results, however the result set is composed of an array of arrays with an ‘id’ and a ‘score’. I want the indexed node title to be returned as well. I cannot do a join to the node table as ->join is not available on SearchApiQuery.

The statement:

$  query->fields(array('title')); 

does not seem to do anything.

I have this same query set up in a view where it is working properly. When I inspect the query at hook_search_api_query_alter I cannot see where or how the title is added.

How do I add the indexed title as a field to be returned in the result set?