ADO.NET entity data model wizard crashes when creating a Postgresql data model

I am having trouble creating an data model from an existing Postgres database. I have used Npgsql and connected successfully but the wizard crashes without any error when I try to add a new entity data model. I have installed the Npgsql PostgreSQL Integration extension(Version and the following packages:

<packages>   <package id="EntityFramework" version="6.2.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="EntityFramework6.Npgsql" version="" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces" version="1.0.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="Npgsql" version="" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Buffers" version="4.5.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Memory" version="4.5.3" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Numerics.Vectors" version="4.5.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe" version="4.6.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Text.Encodings.Web" version="4.6.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Text.Json" version="4.6.0" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions" version="4.5.3" targetFramework="net472" />   <package id="System.ValueTuple" version="4.5.0" targetFramework="net472" /> </packages> 

The wizard crashes after clicking next on this window:

Entity Data Model wizard

Further technical details Npgsql version: Version PostgreSQL version: 12.5 Operating system: Windows 10


  • I am using Npgsql -Version instead of the latest stable version because the latest Npgsql PostgreSQL Integration extension in the VS marketplace is also of this version.
  • I am using EntityFramework6.Npgsql -Version instead of the latest stable version because my project relies on EntityFramework -Version 6.2.0 and it is the latest version to have EntityFramework -Version 6.2.0 as the minimum dependency.
  • I have tried using all the latest stable versions of EntityFramework, Npgsql, and EntityFramework6.Npgsql and still had the same results

Thank you.