Agency SEO vs YOAST which one should trust?

Hi guys.

I have some problems with the guy from the agency that takes care of the my website.

Is 1st month doing seo with an agency.

They got me new content for almost all pages during this month.

The gays says that pages are doing well but YOAST (paid) says different.

Loads of problems in RED.

I’ll attach photos here but not sure how….

-Here are the RED probkems

Keyphrase in introduction: Your keyphrase or its synonyms do not appear in the first paragraph. Make sure the topic is clear immediately.

Keyphrase density: 0%. This is too low; the keyphrase was found 0 times. Focus on your keyphrase!

Keyphrase in meta description: The meta description has been specified, but it does not contain the keyphrase. Fix that!

Keyphrase in title: Not all the words from your keyphrase "Candyfloss Cart" appear in the SEO title. Try to use the exact match of your keyphrase in the SEO title.

Improvements (2)
Outbound links: No outbound links appear in this page. Add some!

Keyphrase in subheading: Use more keyphrases or synonyms in your subheadings!

Also Focus keyword is "coffee machine" although I hire coffee machines and should be "coffee machine hire".

Isn’t that wrong?

Any advice is really appreciated.
Thank you.