Allowing Allies to free one from Entangle and Web

SZEGA pointed out an error on my part – I am currently editing this question

Among spells that restrain creatures, most require those restrained to free themselves while others expressly allow allies to free them or to assist.

I suggest that allies be explicitly allowed to free restrained creatures from both entangle and web.

Spells that provide an explicit mechanic for allies to free those restrained: Ensnaring strike (1st), Snare (1st)

Spells that allow one to free oneself on an ability check rather than a save: Entangle (1st), Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp (2nd), Web (2nd)

Spells that require those restrained to free themselves without assistance: Evard’s Black Tentacles (4th), Flesh to Stone (6th), Imprisonment (9th), Mental Prison (6th), Prismatic Spray (7th), Prismatic Wall (9th), Telekinesis (5th), Watery Sphere (4th), Whirlwind (7th level), Wrath of Nature (5th)

The problem I have with the second category, those in which using the Help action is an option, is that it relegates the Help

The webbing of the giant spider monster permits allies to cut free those restrained – this seems like a good model for the web spell.

The net weapon allows allies to either pull one free or cut one free – this seems like a good model for the entangle spell.

Am I missing a balance issue, a design intent, or an errata?
Or am I correct that entangle and web should have been written like other first and second level spells to allow restrained creatures to be freed by allies?

A comment including any spells that restrain that I have missed would be appreciated as well.