Alternate to nested if statements (alternate posing of question)

Sample Data Sheet:

The end goal is to have a Month + Year show up in a single cell, based on the first instance of “New Total” being >=0.

The sheet includes sample data, and the formatting we are interacting with.

In the purple box, I want the month + year to populate, based on the first instance of “New Total” being >=0. When the formula reaches the first instance of >=0 (March in the sample data), I want it to then pull “March” from cell Q2 and concatenate with “2019” from cell “S2”. The values of “New Total” are dynamic, and will change periodically. Right now, the sample data should result in “March 2019”, but tomorrow it might change so that “February” is the first >=0 instance.


Input: Row of Numbers, looking for the first instance of “New Total” being >=0.

Output: Pull Month + Year once “New Total” has found int >=0 in specified row. Display in specified cell.

Here’s how it was done with the nested IF statements:

=IF(G15>=0,E14&" "&G14,IF(J15>=0,H14&" "&J14,IF(M15>=0,K14&" "&M14,