Alternatives to Wisdom to AC

In an amusing (to me anyway) reversal of my previous question, I have a character who is taking a single level of monk for the purposes of bonus feats. This character has Wisdom 8 and wears (light) armor anyway, so the Wisdom to AC bonus is worthless.

So: is there any alternate class feature, variant class, or substitution level that trades Wisdom to AC for anything at all? To be clear, I’m not looking to replace Wisdom to AC (i.e. get something else to AC), I’m looking to replace the monk “AC Bonus” class feature with anything at all (which could be but doesn’t have to be something-other-than-Wisdom to AC).

Literally anything (that’s gained at level 1) is more valuable than Wisdom to AC for this character, so there is a low bar, but in my research nothing touches it.

Note this character doesn’t have feats to burn on this, so stuff like the Ascetic Mage feat isn’t helpful. On the other hand, the armor is rather minor and can be discarded; right now I have armor because it’s better than my Wisdom in terms of AC bonus, but the character has extremely high Dexterity and so uses gnomish twist cloth (+1 AC, no max Dex armor from Races of Stone) which can easily be removed if a variant also requires you to be unarmored. Items are also possibilities, though I doubt any would help. Changing levels to a non-monk is not an option.