an application in ram not found as a process

an app-‘xxxx’ is running and is loaded into the ram. it takes 30 mib. this ‘xxxx’-app has an additional plugin installed named ‘zzzz’ which is also loaded into the ram and takes 12 mib. both can be seen in system-monitor gui.

the ‘waiting-chanel’-parameter of the ‘xxxx’-app is ‘poll_schedule_timeout’ the ‘waiting-chanel’-parameter of the ‘zzzz’-plugin is ‘futex_wait_queue_me’

the output from ps aux | grep ‘zzzz’ is: dany 22328 0.0 0.0 14692 2196 pts/1 S+ 10:25 0:00 grep –colour=auto zzzz

the ‘zzzz’-plugin is detect by the system-monitor in the ram ( and in the output from the top command ) but it can’t be seen as a process by the terminal in the output from ps aux | grep ‘zzzz’.