Antimagic Field vs. Liche [closed]

Let us suppose a cleric casts anti-magic field and then grapples with a liche. What are we to expect the liche’s choices are at this point? Is he enough of a being of magic that he ceases to exist for the duration of the spell?

Besides making an opposed ability check to break the grapple, does he have any other useful actions available? It seems like nearly everything he does uses magic and maybe he can dodge or make an unarmed / improvised weapon attack, hoping to break concentration?

I’m pretty sure we can still damage the liche with monk attack, fire and holy water. Fire seems a tad dangerous for the cleric though. Really the thought of a couple of brutes holding the liche and applying the beat down old school like the 98 lb. weakling he is is appealing! I can hear the monk’s knuckles cracking now. Cleric whispers in he Liche’s ear “<My deity> is very displeased.” I wouldn’t mind clapping on some manacles and roasting the bastard over a fire, but the rules about what incapacitation effects for manacles apply are unclear.

Expecting lengthy DM litigation… Need ducks in a row.

As a aside, the rules for hunting traps are unrealistically broken. Traditionally, these things are set, and you come back the next day to collect your prize. Yet all you need to get out of them is a DC 13 strength check? How long is this going to hold a Str 19 bear? One round? Unless the creature has a -8 strength bonus, it won’t stay in there for more than a few minutes.