Any recommendations for MOOCs that could be done full time?

(I wasn’t 100% sure if this was a better place to post this, or if I should have gone to stack overflow, but I thought since this is not a specific piece of code that this may be a better place, I am new here so if this was the wrong place to post it, please just tell me so I could go to the right place instead.)

So, I’m currently during my holiday, and next year will ideally be university for me doing computer science, however I have got 2 free months right now and nothing specific to do.

So what I thought would be a good idea would be to spend, say, a good 5 or so hours a day learning and improving my programming skills. I am fairly new to programming, and my preferred language is C#, although I can do a bit of Python and I wouldn’t mind learning some of the other C languages too.

Hence my question becomes: Does anyone know of MOOCs that would be engaging and require full time attention? Ideally C#, then Python or other C languages, but honestly any language would be good so long as I improve and learn.

The MOOC should ideally satisfy these conditions:

  • Require at least about 3 or so hours a day, or at least 15 hours a week.
  • Have time based or weekly assignments so that I actually need to follow actively rather than letting myself just drift and not really try.
  • Preferably cheaper MOOCs, but pass any and all my way, maybe one looks good enough to be worth a more significant payment.
  • Ideally not require too much specialised software. If I can complete the MOOC using Microsoft Community Visual Studio, that would be ideal.

Thank you very much for your time in advance!