AnyDice: semantics of output headers in “export” view

I hope this is on-topic: In AnyDice, when choosing the "Export" view, output d6 is displayed as:

"output 1",3.5000000000069997,1.707825127661641,1,6 #,% 1,16.6666666667 2,16.6666666667 3,16.6666666667 4,16.6666666667 5,16.6666666667 6,16.6666666667 

I’m not quite sure what the numbers in the first line signify, the last two (1 and 6) are presumably the range of values that the rolls can take on but what about the other two (3.5 and 1.7…)? I have not been able to figure this out from the documentation.