Anything other than Combat Reflexes for more AoOs?

The D&D 3.5e counterpart to a previous question of mine: how do I get more attacks of opportunity as a low-Dex character? Between heavy armor, penalties from increasing my size, and grapples causing me to lose Dex to AC,1 Dexterity is a rather-poor ability score for me, and my character needs great Strength as well solid Constitution, Intelligence, and Charisma, so I lack the Dexterity to get even one attack of opportunity from Combat Reflexes most of the time.

So how can I get more attacks of opportunity? Does anything besides Combat Reflexes give more? All non-epic 3.5e content (including 3.5e-legal 3e content) published by Wizards of the Coast, or found in Dragon or Dungeon magazine, are acceptable sources for answers. Epic content cannot be assumed to exist at all. The goal is to actually make attacks when provoked, so doing other things when provoked (as with Tome of Battle’s Evasive Reflexes or Stormguard Warrior) don’t qualify.

Anything other than Combat Reflexes that increases the number of attacks of opportunity per round—even if it also keys off of Dexterity, or requires Combat Reflexes to get—is welcome, though obviously some potential options may not work for me, personally. But since as far as I know, Combat Reflexes is the only one, I’d be interested in anything just for my own edification/future characters/whatever.

  1. I realize that grappling also nixes my threatened area. I have improved grab, which allows me to sometimes avoid that, but more importantly I have invested a lot in making my threatened area very difficult to leave—often I will grapple someone just to pull them into my space, and then let go of them to grab someone else. That also restores my Dex to AC, if I relied on Dex to AC it would be more compulsory rather than an option that I have, and in any event I don’t really have the feats to spare.