Apple Forcing iMessages through cellular data only [to other Iphone users] on first text message

Apple is forcing my device to send imessages only through cellular data, which costs 50 cents per message; this happens only on the first text between myself and the iphone users. The message sent shows as green, and unable to send. This never used to happened in years that I have used the iphone. It started out of the blue when my family travled to the Dominican Republic; Suddenly I could no longer send messages over iMessage for free, I had to use data to send a message to each individual ontact, then subsequent messages were free to send online over wifi for a specific time period. Then it is reset after a certain period of inactivity and time, and I must resend to each individual contact over data plan for apple to unlock imessage over wifi.

Does this leave my data and phone susceptible to attack? Do you suspect governments, and criminal intelligence agencies could be involved in this kind of anti-user shenanigans?

Why me? because I don’t support Al-Qaeda as a matter of national security and common sense, and let my government know that, after sending every single government representative in this country this video