Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate (403) Forbidden, There is no Web named “/SiteURLName/_vti_bin/sites.asmx”

We use Powershell and PNP to create sites and apply tenants. I’ve had pauses coded into the script to allow time for commands to complete in the past. Lately we’ve encountered the “(403) Forbidden” error much more frequently and even waiting overnight sometimes is not long enough before we can apply the PNPTemplate to the new site. I’ve also noticed this difference depending on authentication:


  1. Why are we consistently getting the 403 Forbidden error?
  2. Why does -weblogin result in a different error of “There is no web named /testcommnew1/_vti_bin/Sites.asmx”, even though the asmx page does exist as show below?

enter image description here