Approach for finding the limits and intersections of a function given by triple integral

Hello i have a problem finding the intersection of a function when i am given a function in 3D space. I can easily find a intersection of two functions when i have equations with $ x$ and $ y$ only. But when i have also Z i don’t know in which order to intersect the equations and because that i have trouble solving $ triple$ $ integrals$ without spherical coordinates so i am asking for your help. I have a example with easy equations for the domain but i want to understand the problem in general. So i have this integral$ $ \iiint_Dxy^2z^3dxdydz$ $ with Domain : $ V=(z=xy,y=x,x=1,z=0)$ so from first look i thought it will be easy to find the limits i have intersect $ z=xy$ with $ y=x$ so i get $ z=y^2$ so the only other think i have is that $ x =1$ and $ y=x$ if i try to express x from the equations i get wierd results. So i think $ y=x$ is the upper limit for $ y$ but i can’t find the lower limit for y also i cannot even one limit for x. I will be thankfull if someone can help me with this.