Arcane Disciple and Spell Versatility – Casting high level Domain spells with your main casting attribute?

Can you use Spell Versatility from Geomancer, to “mix and match your spellcasting parameters” to change the Arcane Disciple’s Wisdom requirement to your primary arcane spellcasting attribute (eg Int for Wizards or Char for Sorcerers)?

Arcane Disciple (Feat, Complete Divine)

You may learn these spells as normal for your class; however, you use Wisdom (rather than the normal ability for your spellcasting) when determining the save DC for the spell. In addition, you must have a Wisdom score equal to 10 + the spell’s level in order to prepare or cast a spell gained from this feat.

combined with

Spell Versatility (Class feature of Geomancer, Complete Divine)

[H]e can mix or match spellcasting parameters from any of his classes to gain the maximum possible advantage for any spell with a spell level equal to or less than his spell versatility score. Thus, as a 4th-level geomancer, he can cast any of his 3rd-level or lower sorcerer/wizard spells with no chance of arcane spell failure from armour. (The druidic prohibition against metal armour still applies to druid/geomancers, however, since this stricture stems from a spiritual oath rather than a practical limitation.) The geomancer may use his Wisdom modifier to set the save DC for arcane spells, or his Charisma or Intelligence modifier (whichever he would normally use for arcane spells) to set the save DC for divine spells.