Archiving only the deepest subfolders

I have a very nested directory structure where only in the deepest folders are files. There folders I want to archive via shell with ZIP or RAR but not the parent folders.

   | Directory    |-----SubDir-1-----SubDir-1.1----File-1.1.1,File-1.1.2,File-1.1.3             |            |             |         SubDir-1.2----File-1.2.1,File-1.2.2,File-1.2.3             |          SubDir-2-----SubDir-2.1----SubDir-2.1.1----File-,File-             | 

When I tried to do this not only the deepest subdirs are stuffed but also SubDir-1, SubDir-2 and SubDir-2.1 are also packed to an archive with all subfolders and files in it.

Anyone an ideea? Tnx!