Are any 7D owners experiencing these issues?

I am on my second 7D body this week and both exhibit the same repeatable problems. I am at a loss as to why, so hope that other 7D owners could chime in to say if they have experienced the same things. All images are being captured in RAW and processed through DPP: -The first issue is an overall softness to the image, as if a gentle soft portrait filter was added. This is occurring with two different lenses at 100ISO, a variety of apertures, under any conditions on a tripod. I just cannot get a sharp image. Micro adjustments were made to compensate for each lens. Both lenses have performed flawlessly on a Rebel XT body for a few years. It’s only when used on the 7D do they both produce such effects. -I am getting the most extreme chromatic aberration I have ever encountered. I am used to a bit of color fringing with strong reflected light, but this is making most of my work unusable. -Attempting to sharpen the images results in a horrible cross-stitch patterning. I have tried several combinations of amount and radius but the patterning appears before any useful sharpening of the actual subject takes place.

These are extremely irritating, and confusing issues in a new camera, and hopefully others have some insight. Before someone (invariably) accuses me of being a newbie at all this, I might not know all of the ins-and-outs of digital cameras, but I have been a professional exhibiting photographic artist for twenty years and have a reasonable amount of experience in digital image processing for large scale prints. I also live under the delusion that a new camera like this should just plain work 😉 Thanks for any help people can offer to end, or share in, this suffering.