Are conditional, sequential and looping instructions understood by an Unseen Servant?

In this question, the Unseen Servant was somehow compared to a computer, which got me thinking. As a programmer, I know that a computer, although mindless, is very good at fulfilling conditional (“if something is true then do this, else do that”), sequential (“do this then do that”) and looping (“do this while something is true”, and “do this for that amount of times”) tasks. Also, a computer is provided with a System Clock, and is therefore able to perform Waits. Therefore, this is a 7-in-1 question:

  1. Can an Unseen Servant fulfill conditional tasks? (ex : “pour wine into each empty glass” – in other words, if the glass if already filled, don’t pour wine in it, else do it)

  2. Can it fulfill sequential tasks? (ex: “pour wine into my glass, then bring it to me”)

  3. Can it fulfill looping tasks? (ex: “Pour wine into my glass every minute for 20 minutes”)

  4. If it can do all three separately, can it do them all together? (ex: “Every minute for 20 minutes, for each empty glass, if it’s empty, pour wine into it then bring it to their respective owner, else don’t touch it”)

  5. Can an Unseen Servant be fed a series of instructions via text (ex: “do what is written on this paper”) or speech (ex: “do what any of my Magic Mouths will tell you to do when one starts giving orders” – so if you have several Magic Mouths, the trigger of the second Magic Mouth’s speech might be something caused by one of the first Magic Mouth’s instructions to the Unseen Servant… which essentially results in something like a function call in programming)? For this to work, the Unseen Servant must either have sight+reading abilities, or hearing+language abilities. The spell specifies you give telepathic commands to the Servant, but does not say if textual/verbal commands from your own voice work as well. The closest thing is a comparison to a human servant, so it might or might not work out.

  6. Can an Unseen Servant wait for a given time interval before doing a task step ? (how it would work out : as it takes a turn (6 seconds) for an Unseen Servant to move 15 feet, it therefore takes it 1 second to move 2.5 feet, so if you tell an Unseen Servant to move in circles for 2.5X feet before doing a step, then you essentially delay the step by X seconds)

As soon as I can, I’ll put a big bounty on this question for the first person who puts a satisfying answer (either “yes” or “no”, as long as the explanation is very good and all 7 questions are answered) because it’s really important for me to get these answers.