Are Darts sold separately?

This might sound like a silly question, but it seems oddly placed in the PHB.

Looking simply on what characters get regarding starting equipment, every item listed, regardless of class, seems to indicate they gain 1 unit found in the weapons list (save for 2 daggers or swords)… All except for the Monk that gains 10 Darts. While thrown like a javelin, the dart is the only item listed in the Simple Ranged Weapons list that is actually thrown and not projecting ranged ammunition, and unlike arrows and bolts, it does not indicate an amount in brackets, leading me to understand that a monk is the only class that gains 10 units of a weapon.

Again, I might have understood this clearly, but I can’t help shaking the feeling that I am missing something, so I’d like to verify this once and for all:

Is each dart sold individually for 5cp a shot? And does this mean that after a fight, the monk can go and reclaim all 10 of those darts undamaged like arrows?