Are Norse Dwarf Chaos cults plausible?

I’ve decided to run a little campaign for a four player group and they together came up with a glorious idea that certainly produced a solid laugh. They ALL want to play as Norse Dwarves, each belonging to a different Chaos God cult. While Chaos-devoted Dwarves are nothing new (Dawi Zharr), they have a rich history of Chaos devotion. While Norsca itself is a pretty Chaos-susceptible place and this is why I’m even giving thought to the idea… How realistic would it be that the short, sturdy creatures fond of drink and industry turn to any of the four Chaos Gods?

It strikes me as rather outlandish that a magic-resistant Dwarf would turn to Tzeentch, for example. Khorne I could probably see, Khorne worshippers being common to Norsca; Nurgle is once again somewhat doubtful; for Slaanesh there’s the clear possibility of macabre artistry becoming common among the craftsdwarves of the guilds.

It sounds like a very great campaign idea, but I wanted to make sure it would be possible canonically around 2000 IC.