Are Path of War classes a good fit for beginner players?

I have just recently researched Path of War, an alternative rule system published by Dreamscarred Press. It looks very interesting and, for a few reasons, looks like one of the best-fitting classes for beginner players:

  1. PoW classes aren’t too complex. You don’t need to explain too many rules, and explaining how maneuvers work shouldn’t take too long either.
  2. PoW classes are potent. They seem able to achieve what is written in their descriptions — at least my fellow players in my current game achieve what they are supposed to.
  3. "Going nova" is not an issue. Pathfinder has a plethora of classes with abilities expendable on a per-day basis, and resource management is very hard for beginners. This often leads to level 1 Wizards burning all their spells in the first combat and then being useless for the entire day. In PoW, classes refresh their maneuvers after not being in combat for just one minute.
  4. You can ready different maneuvers every day. You can change your choice — well, to some extent. You are, in any case, less stuck in the same place than a Fighter who has chosen bad feats.

However, I haven’t watched beginner players use PoW classes, and hence I want to know if they are actually a good fit for complete beginners, those who have never played Pathfinder before or only have a few sessions behind their back.