Are there any 5th edition elemental plane rules or details?

I have been reading through Volos Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and gained a lot of interesting knowledge of various facets of the D&D universe, namely the 9 hells, abyss, feywild, etc. Even the Astral Plane is covered in both the Mind Flayer and Gith sections of those books.

However one area that I have not yet found any detailed information on are the elemental planes.

Has this information been published in a D&D 5th edition book yet, or is it something we are waiting on? I am specifically looking for details on the various details of each of the elemental planes, ideas for running adventures in each, the population centres and what they consist of (for instance I know historically there is a city in the Fire Plane), the native inhabitants and how they exist and live in each plane.

I know there are brief descriptions given in the PHB and DMG. I am looking for anything of more detail that may have been published in 5th edition. Or, failing that, suggestions of previous editions sourcebooks I can mine for information.