Are there any PL2 options that are viable in a PL20 setting?

I’ve been doing a thought experiment involving Inventing in Mutants and Masterminds 3e. The way Inventing works is a DC 10+pp Technology check to design something at the rate of 1hrs/pp followed by a DC 10+pp Technology check to build it at the rate of 4hrs/pp. However, by pairing it with Quicken, you decrease the time rank tasks take you by the ranks in Quicken. This becomes a significant boon once you hit PL 20. If you invest the minimum 51pp required, you can design and create a 30pp invention in less than a second (practically a free action), OR spend 6 seconds to design and construct anywhere between 12 to 25 unique 30pp inventions (depending on if your DM considers 30hrs as Rank 14 or 15 time).

Now that many temporary devices being constructed in such a short amount of time can be devastating under the right circumstances, but I am more interested in the Construct spawning side of the equation.Being able to spawn 12-25 independent constructs a turn (or 6-12 if your GM limits you to a standard action with Inventing) while having access to usable materials sounds like a serious threat. However, both the PL limits of something with 30pp and the arsenal a PL 20 character has at their disposal make this a very ill-advised option. I know that just making regular devices with Inventing is most likely the most efficient thing I could do with the synergy I proposed, but are there any options a PL2 Construct can take that function decently in a PL20 setting?