Are there areas Python excels at over Java?

I read this topic and its answers, which ultimately did not lead to any empirical conclusions and thus was closed: Why is Python slower than Java but faster than PHP. I also checked other, non-Stack sources about this topic, like this one, which highlights how all-around woefully Python (in its CPython implementation) performs compared to Java (in its OpenJDK implementation).

So I was thinking about this topic from a different perspective. One that hopefully will yield more scientific conclusions. Through the lense of the second answer, from user Steven Burnap, in the thread linked above, are there any specific and readily verifiable examples of areas in the domain of programming that Python excels at over Java? Is it possible to program a function in Python in such a way that said function will be calculated faster in Python than an equivalently written function in Java? Or is it just plain impossible?

I am speaking of the most common implementations of the languages in the context of this question, which to my understanding is CPython for Python and OpenJDK for Java.