Are there heuristics in CSP to help avoid redundancy while checking constraints for inconsistent values?

I’m a complete beginner. Please forgive my ignorance.Trying to learn about CSP online, I noticed a lot of the focus on search methods and heuristics which tell you which variable to expand next (e.g. most constrained variable) and those that tell you which value to try first (e.g. least constraining value) but I’ve yet to see heuristics that relate to the ordering of constraints. Since I’m doing everything by hand, I notice a lot of redundancy when eliminating values from variable domains. How do you go about checking for violated constraints in a way that is efficient? Say constraint A will have me eliminate odd numbers 1 to 1000 and constraint B will have me wipe out everything above 250. Intuitively, it feels like order matters as I would waste my time cherry picking even numbers above 250 to only later find out that anything above 250 was not consistent in the first place. I apologize for lacking the proper terminology, my understanding is mostly intuitive. I hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance! I’m mostly looking to acquire a conceptual understanding of selected topics in computer science so if you have book recommendations or any resource that would be appropriate for me as an interested layman, please don’t hesitate!