Are there official ways to avoid level adjustment while keeping racial features?

I’m familiar with UA’s “LA Buyoff”, wherein a high-level character can spend XP to reduce their level adjustment, as well as PGtF’s “Powerful Races at 1st Level”, which basically gives negative level penalties for LA races that turn into regular level adjustments as you gain your first few levels. (There’s also “Savage Progressions”, but those aren’t really ways for getting rid of LA, since they come with the full LA of the final monster.)

Both of these approaches simply take the issue of level adjustments and move them to different spots in character progression, though. Is there any way to simply get rid of level adjustments altogether?

I have seen one method, used in E6, where LA races simply get fewer points with which to buy ability scores. Does this have any basis in official Dungeons and Dragons products, though, or is it just for E6? It seems to imply that regular races get a 32-point point buy, so I’m guessing the latter, but I thought I’d bring it up.

(I also know Savage Species had some general guidelines on how to determine level adjustments, but they seem more intent on giving LA based on features rather reducing LA, like by converting LA into RHD (since working backwards with its LA guidelines is basically going backwards through a savage progression, aka removing racial features))

All that is to say, I’m looking for a method that: Gets rid of LA (from 1st level all the way up), doesn’t sacrifice racial features, and isn’t homebrew/houserule. Is there such a thing, or would I have better luck chasing unicorns?