Are there White Powers in Ravenloft, or was that our DM’s invention?

Soo many, many years ago when the 3rd Edition was the latest edition in the game, we had a big Campaign in the Ravenloft in 2nd (cause old school guys) that we played for almost 4-5 years.

During our time in the Mist, we found out a LOT of the Ravenloft Lore. This was mainly because our DM was a huge fan of the Ravenloft setting, and had every novel and every other official source: Invidia to Pharazia to the small islands in the west part of the plane. But one thing came to me; looking back at the memory lane it is still not clear to me if it was from official source or if it was from the DM’s mind.

In our latest adventures we learn that the Dark Powers are not the only Powers there: that there is, in a smaller number, something called the White Powers (or something synonymous with good). Has anyone ever read in a Ravenloft novel something like that?

Is the existence of the White Powers canon, or it an invention of our DM?