Are you planning to start or grow your IT Business in minimum or no Investment?

Like many others are you too itching to have an IT business of your own? What if you do not have the requisite funds to set up a swanky office and recruit developers, designers and marketing professionals for the same? If you answered both the questions in affirmative, here is what you can do. Why not set up an IT company and outsource the work! That would result in a win-win scenario for both of us in a number of ways explained below.

– Outsource the project to overseas Offshore Web Development Company and get the work done in only 30-40% of the total project cost and can save more than 60%. Your web development partner would take care of all the development related activities right from concept design to launching the website.

– What is the benefit for you in this business model? Well, you pocket lion’s share of the clients’ fees, which can be up to as much as 50-60 percent, depending on your understanding with your partner Company. Your partner company gets benefitted as well as it gets ton loads of work and a decent amount of cash. We at F5 Buddy are in similar partnerships with several global companies who deliver a steady amount of web development business from global clients. Thanks to the same we have a pretty good flow of projects and an ever growing client list

– Save a tremendous amount of time and effort: By outsourcing work to a web development company you can save a great deal of time as well as effort. In this way you can focus on marketing efforts and get more and more leads and projects, who keep on bringing hard cash. This business model has been adopted all over the world and we along with our partners have milked the same pretty successfully.

– No Investment on infrastructure, resources, recruitment and equipment: If you were to set up a venture of your own, you will have to invest a good amount of cash on setting up the infrastructure such as an office, setting up workstations, internet, and recruitment of workforce, buying laptops or computers and so on. There is an endless list of heads of expenses that can drain your resources. Why not work smartly and partner with a company that has already done that!

– Hire a dedicated Developer or team: Depending on the terms of engagement with your partner, you could hire a dedicated Developer or a team to complete your projects. How you benefit by doing that, one may wonder! By doing that, you pay as you go and there is absolutely no need of being tied up to pay a fortune. You save a lot of bucks and get benefitted.

As pointed in the above lines, if you hire a Custom Web Development Company for your web and Mobile Development Business, there is a lot in store for you.

All that you need to do is to partner with an already established web development company who offers quality services at reasonable Price and set the ball rolling. In this way, you can have a business of yours with minimum investment on anything. You can devote all your time, energy and resources in bringing web development or mobile application development projects. Rest will be taken care of by your outsourcing Partner Company.